Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Talk about a small world!

My illustration 'Porcupine' was commissioned by Wildlife Conservation Magazine out of New York. The article I was to illustrate was a true story about a man who had problems with a porcupine gnawing at one of the supporting timbers of his cottage on Lake Huron's Georgian Bay. If this animal's demolition project continued the man's cottage would have been in ruins in a matter of weeks. He shouted at the porcupine, waved his hands wildly and finally chased it away with a two-by-four. Knowing only too well the porky would return, the man put on his thinking cap and came up with a solution. He urinated at the base of a nearby tree. It worked. The porcupine returned, sniffed the tree, took off and was never seen again.
But the funny part was that as I was reading the manuscript, I looked at the man's name- Dave Mott. "Don't you know a David Mott?" I asked my husband. Turns out it was the same guy, my husband's Kung Foo instructor!


  1. Brilliant story, all the better for being illustrated by you... and because you know it is true.