Monday, July 30, 2012

You're not your body...

You're not your body, you have one.  It's your job to nourish it, rest it, exercise it 
and fluff it up and make it feel good.  
You're not your mind, you have one.  It's your job to quiet it down and keep it
 in good company.
You're not your feelings, you have feelings.  It's your job to become aware 
of what is this I'm feeling or how am I going to express it in a way 
that won't wound myself or anyone else.
So that from here on in, we can anchor our sense of self in consciousness, 
in our awareness and in our spirit, and from that place take responsibility, 
which is our ability to respond to the fact that we are immeshed in the physical.  

-Petrea King

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