Monday, March 24, 2014

My first 'Painting a Day" in inks

My adventures with Dr. Martin's india inks started several months ago. I love working with watercolours and dyes, but the dyes ( which add brightness to the watercolour's more natural earthy quality) are not very lightfast causing my originals to fade in time. So I decided to try these inks which are both bright and lightfast. But I've gotten to the point of tearing my hair out with this new medium. The inks dry permanently on the palette (and can't be simply resurrected by adding water as in watercolour and dye), then I have to keep mixing new batches of colour until I run out of palette space. What's the answer, buy more palettes? Work faster?

Then I saw a Facebook post by an artist who started doing a painting a day, just a small one in oils but one a day, with remarkable results. Surely this is the way to learn anything new, drawing, skating, dancing, new software etc. Just 20 minutes a day… So it inspired me to do the same thing, because I'm not ready to give up on these inks yet. Subject matter? Anything really, but better if it has a figure or a face in it, because I want to use this technique for painting the figure.

For the first one I found a photo in a dance magazine. Here's my first Painting a Day:

March 24, 2014, ©Barbara Spurll

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