Thursday, December 4, 2014

Painting at the Sagrada Familia 211114

watercolour (14 x 20 inches) November 21, 2014

On my recent vacation, I had the opportunity to do this study of the Sagrada Familia (holy Family church) on-site in one two hour sitting. My goal had been to paint the cathedral in its entirety. After all, how long could it take? Wrong! It was much harder than I expected. Visually, nothing lines up or is symmetrical in this breathtaking structure. When my husband opened up his sketch book to have a go at it, I overheard him utter, "...where do I start?"

So I've set another goal. I'll paint another, more comprehensive version, from the photos I took. Note to self: sketch it out in pencil first on a much larger canvas and give yourself a lot more time.